At Cranium we offer learners right through to experts…an our experts are just that! We have an incredibly experienced team…

Our incredibly skilled hairdressers have been at Cranium, some seamlessly others have been and returned, for over 12 years! This means we are absolutely certain that you will be looked after the “Cranium Way”. What’s the Cranium way you ask?

As part of your visit, you will be treated to a fantastic hair wash in our reclining massaging basins. We use the very best products available and will teach you how to look after and recreate your look at home.

You can choose from our extensive complimentary beverage menu…this includes bubbles and beers complete with cheese and crackers. The morning crew may prefer coffee and Tim Tams and for the sweet-tooths there is an abundance of lollypops to keep you occupied. Sadly the lolly bar had to go! Nicki threatened to resign lol!

At Cranium, we will also book your next appointment so that you get a day and a time that suits you ... we will even remind you with a text message a few days before.

We have recently welcomed Mel Davis (Mel D) to the team - her profile will be added asap. She comes to us from Parkes NSW and is an ex-salon owner. Mel is welcoming new clients and is keen to make her mark on Manly! Her specialities are…blondes, blondes and more blondes - of course this works for us! She is at Stylist level to start off, so her haircuts are just $90 - BARGAIN!



This team comprises of Kelly, Nicki and Mel who have worked together for over 11 years. Kelly and Nicki and have traveled the world consulting for major product companies whilst Mel has honed her skills at home.

Kelly loves anything to do with colour, Nicki is the lady for dramatic changes and Mel is our Stylist Extraordinaire … wedding, balls, races bouncy blow-drys … she is Queen Bee!


She has left the country for a sea change and decided Manly is her new home and we could not be happier. Mel Davis - known as Mel D when she remembers lol loves colour. Mel is keen to build a long and lasting clientele at Cranium so please pop in and give her a go. She is in the salon from 8.30am-8.30pm on Wednesdays, 11.30am Thursdays, 8.30am-7pm Fridays and 8am -5.30pm Saturdays so there is plenty of options to see her. 



These are our amazing “Resident Guest Artists” these wonderful women juggle their busy lives and passion for hair with us. They all have huge amounts of experience and share it with us one day per week…Kelly not so secretly pushes for more ; )

Xara is one of the most technical hairdressers I know. She is pretty happy just doing anything hair...well apart from hair-up she's not so happy doing that. She is in the salon from 8.30am-8.30pm on Wednesdays. 

Kristie specialises in cutting any kind of style long or short funky or beachy her haircuts are magnificent. Currently she is in the salon Fridays 9am-3pm. 

Selina again is a great all round hairdresser seriously...she is not phased by anything hair. Selina is in the salon most Saturdays. 

Jenny Zhang we've had a few Jennys. She has continued her hairdressing ever since completing her apprenticeship at Cranium. In the meantime she has done many courses and loves styling. 


We believe it’s a privilege to do clients at Cranium therefore we insist on our team members being up to date with the latest technology and techniques available. 

We provide all of the usual hairdressing services. We are what is known as finishing salon … this means that every time you visit the salon you will leave looking amazing. We always blow-dry and style your hair to ensure that you get exactly what you want and know how to recreate that look at home.




Haircuts always consist of a consultation, education, shampoo, massage, cut and full finish blow-dry. Our prices range from just $90 for a Stylist and $110 for Executives. We don’t discriminate the kids and the boys get the same service and pay the same as the girls.

Blow-dry Services ...

For a special event or because you just can’t be bothered doing it yourself we charge from $65. There is no extra charge for us to use irons or wands. 

HairUp for a special event

Mel is the lady for these! She charges $170. We ask that you attend these appointments with clean dry hair, preferably washed the day before depending on how oily your hair gets. If you would prefer that we wash your hair for you please mention this when booking and add the cost of a blow-dry to this price. 

We also offer ...

We provide all colour services however we do not quote for these without seeing your hair and doing a full and thorough consultation.

The reason for this is that we want to be sure that you are getting the service you need and we only charge for the colour that we us ... so that makes it impossible to quote without seeing you and finding out exactly what we are doing.

We use Schwarzkopf colour for most of our services. We also stock TBH which is the latest technology in colour. This technology means less damage and irritation on the scalp. In addition if you’re in a hurry we offer Color 10 which is a high power, high conditioning hair colour that takes just 10 minutes to process. When it comes to colour we have most bases covered! 

Gloss’s ... Toners ... Semi Permanent Colour

We offer two types of semi permanent colours. One will help disguise some of your sparkles and the other is purely for gloss and condition. 

Vivids and Unicorns

We certainly have the experience and skill to perform these colours however to ensure that we have exactly what you want and need these services would need to be pre-arranged. 

Permanent Colour ... Tints ... Roots Stretches ... Colour Melts ... 

If you want to go dark, light, cover greys, be dull or bright we can do it with a tint! 

Highlights ... Foils ...

Being on the Northern Beaches sees us as foil experts! We do a lot of foils. We can advise you on how to go lighter, minimise your regrowth or just add a bit of pizazz to your colour.

Balayage ... Ombre ... Handpaint ...

Yes we do this too! Our girls have been trained by the experts at the Fox and The Hair and we have all of the latest skills and tools too do this work. We use MUK Clay Bleach for these services. 


We offer an enormous range of treatments for any hair or scalp issue. We believe that condition is one of the most important elements of great hair. Our team will create a customised treatment for you each time you visit. 

Keratin Smoothing

We have been doing this for YEARS! We were one of the first salons in Australia to use K Factor which is the product we still use today. This service starts at $280 and is great for getting unruly hair under control or for hair that really needs strengthening. 

Perming ... WOW!

Yes we have one hairdresser that still knows how to do this! Kelly. If you do want this service it needs to be booked in advance as we need to order the correct solution for your hair. 


We use Great Lengths extensions. Nicki and Mel are our specialist technicians for all things to do with hair extensions. She will do a full consultation to work out, colour, length and the amount you will need to order. A consultation is $60 which is taken off your bill if you decide to go ahead. A 50% non-refundable deposit is taken prior to us ordering your hair.  



Gift Vouchers & Payments

We have these available in the salon and they can be made for any amount. They can be used on services and/or products. They can be used for full or partial payments. 

We accept Cash, Visa, MasterCard and Amex for your payment. We do not add fees to any credit card payments. We are also able to take payments over the phone if you need this option.