Layered Hair Cut

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An old favourite

The good old layered hair cut is one of our most popular requests in Manly and is worn by many celebraties. Not sure what a layered curve cut looks like? Think, Jennifer Lopez who has worn this look time and time again throughout her career. Whether she wears her curved layers long past her shoulders or cropped by her neck, the star has perfected the haircut adding her signature golden highlights and curtain bangs.

There are a few iterations of layered curve cuts, some rounder than others such as the U shaped and also the V Shaped. Our very own Enya  explains that this layered v-shaped haircut “maintains length on long and medium hair while giving fullness to the ends and the illusion of shorter hair from the front depending on how arched the curve is.”

The great thing about this cut according is its versatility, which allows it to work on most face shapes and hair types. ” When you cut above the shoulders it’s flattering if you have a narrow face or chin that you want to give more fullness to,” Enya explains. “I also love this cut for curly or wavy hair because it gives the corners of your hair more bounce and fullness.”