Charity Fund

There have been some recent changes to the Cranium Charity fund. After many years of supporting some incredible charities we have no aligned with Sustainable Salons Australia. The day to day running of a hairdressing salon can put a substantial footprint on our environment...water usage, chemical waste, renewable resources waste like foils and tint tubes all add up, especially when you consider how many hairdressing salons there are. Due to our involvement in this program we are now proud to say that over 90% of our waste is recycled! Even the hair we cut is used in booms to soak up oil spills in the ocean. It really is a super cool program.  

Funds created as a result of selling used foil, tint tubes and paper are donated to Ozharvest for every $1 donated these guys provide 2 meals to the homeless. They are incredible!

In addition - as if there could be anymore...Sustainable Salons are also linked to Variety  Hair with Heart program, We donate your ponytails to kids, and now adults, with medical conditions such as alopecia or cancer.

A "green fee" of $2.00 from every client is now used towards helping us to create a better environment and look after others that are less fortunate.  


In the past $2.00 from every haircut was donated to the Sharyn & Cranium Charity Fund. We have supported three beneficiaries that received monies from this fund. Due to the loss of a close friend’s little girl, Natalie Wright, Kelly decided to donate mainly to children’s charities. Who's Sharyn you ask? An incredibly special lady and client that we lost in 2008. She was so amazing we wanted her to be a part of the Cranium tapestry forever. 

So far the Sharyn & Cranium Charity fund and other fund raisers that we have organised have seen the salon donate over $100,000.00 from 2011-2015 when we decided to become a part of the Sustainable Salons program. 

Children’s Cancer Institute Australia

These funds are passed onto the Children’s Cancer Institute Australia in Randwick. They are the only independent medical research institute in the country devoted to research into the causes, prevention and cure of childhood cancer. They now see 7 out of 10 children afflicted with these diseases survive. Find out more at


Matthew Rusike Children’s Home - unfortunately due to a change of management at the home Qantas Cabin Crew and Cranium Hair no longer support this fund. 

For Christmas every year instead of gifts the team give Kelly money. This money pays to sponsor two African children, Bianca and Patience. Their parents died as a result of HIV-Aids. The money we provide see’s them being cared for and schooled in the Matthew Rusike Children’s home. Their sponsorship is organised by the Qantas Cabin Crew.


Bear Cottage

Bear Cottage was the first children’s hospice in NSW and it is located in Manly. It is part of the Randwick Children’s Hospital. The Cottage opened in 2001 at a cost of 10 million dollars which was entirely funded by the community. Find out more at


Kids Xpress

Another beneficiary of the Sharyn & Cranium Charity Fund is the Kids Xpress. Sharyn helped to set up this charity and children were very special to Sharyn and her husband Rick. This charity is a therapy program for children 4-14 experiencing difficulty, trauma or loss. KidsXpress empowers children by providing an opportunity for self-expression through the use of music, art, dance and drama therapies. Please go to their site and watch their amazing intro video.